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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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iran shuts off access to social media the largest anti-government unrest to grip the country since two thousand and nine. calls for a rethink of the new refugee policy saying migrant quotas will not solve the crisis plus. the fireworks light up the sky is countries around the world welcome in the new year. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is the r.t.
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international and john thomas certainly glad to have you with us now the president of iran has addressed of the nation for the first time since protests erupted across the country assad rouhani urged people to avoid violence while saying that they do have a right to express their views he also hit back at president trump for accusing iran of supporting terrorists this was after the latest product of a tweet from the u.s. leader be brought to us in iran the people are finally getting why is this to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism looks like they will not take it any longer the u.s. sees watching very closely for human rights violations. iran is seeing its most severe unrest since two thousand and nine the government has blocked access to the telegram and instagram mobile apps which were being used to coordinate rallies now according to state media step was taken to maintain tranquillity on sunday two protesters were killed in their route in the west of the country but officials say
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security services have not used lethal force and the local governor has accused foreign powers of stirring up trouble. deploying we have found evidence of enemies of the revolution type fieri groups and foreign agents in this clash take phiri is a term for sunni militants especially islamic states in this situation violent clashes broke out in the illegal demonstration in toll road on saturday and unfortunately two people were killed no shots were fired by the police and security forces and goals for this rally to finish peacefully. the u.s. state department says it is closely following the situation in iran it also condemned any arrests and claimed the protests were peaceful however the latest pictures coming out of iran seem to suggest otherwise in this video obtained by our video agency ruptly you can see a police station being torched so far we have no information on possible injuries but back in june the u.s. secretary of state made it very clear that washington is willing to support people
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resisting the iranian government. our policy towards iran is to push back on the show germany contain their ability to develop obviously nuclear weapons and to work toward support of those elements inside of iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of that government those elements are there surely as we know what they are looking for is the legitimate the iranian politics the iranian stablish mina's well as iran regional military build up and presence in syria in iraq and elsewhere in order to impose further sanctions. in the country and also in order to villages them eyes the iranian policies on the international scene in favor of the united states they they are trying hard through their media outlets and through some social media outlets that they are you know running and funding to politicize the unrest so in tehran people are now angry at the
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administration because president rouhani had promised them to strike a deal with the united states to resolve all their economic problems that was the wrong attitude he was already you know warned against giving such big hopes of the nation because everyone knew that the united states would not remain loyal to the deal and this happened unfortunately the united states defied all its undertakings under the nuclear deal and the president has failed in meeting you know his promises now people are angry to see that they are angry that he has invested all the country's power and future in the united states loyalty to the deal and they have come to realize that this is not going to happen. so. this week has shed light on the fate of an iraqi ethnic and religious minority the despite the fall of islamic state thousands of the kurdish speaking group are still being held hostage
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many of them are children who have been abducted and sold and slave markets. that were. to leave. them and want to offer us and skits and in the evenings they would get together and treat their women and have their fun with us. it was indescribable for me last ten to endless suffering tears and hunger i couldn't do anything not cry in two thousand and fourteen the year i saw declared its caliphate almost seven thousand people were captured by the terrorist group and three thousand are still missing i just brought does he have reports on the long way home. from terrorist captivity. age ten location. ten thousand dollars russia age
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nine location techie starting bid fifteen thousand dollars penis age eight location syria starting bid teen dollars and dollars. age fifteen. baghdad sold for two and a hot thousand dollars was kidnapped by isis in mosul in two thousand and fifteen for near enough three years she enjoyed horrible things things that new fifteen year old girl or any woman should ever have to endure two hours ago she was born back by a have family here in baghdad no one called the police no one wanted to risk her life she spent her first hour of freedom crying in the hotel room bear in
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mind isis tells its hostages that their families will kill them if they ever return but her arrest would be brief as to how she should and should sufficient. and up front with. many people who are happy that she's. shortly after meeting her relatives took her shopping. she was rescued by a group of men who specialize in tracking down years edis kidnapped by isis they then either negotiate a sale or steal them back they have begun secrecy i don't you know i says say that if we show the girls still in the possession with their relatives apparent t.v. the deal will be off that they kill the hostages as such some of the. people involved didn't want to appear on camera but the stories.
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but you get your with this one of the girls was kidnapped when she was san the noise of rapes her foot is a consecutive house here where there are several girls son eleven twelve years old who are all rate gifted or sold as many as fifteen signs. if not for sexual pleasure isis brainwashes you see the children and sends them on suicide missions or sells them for money oh when isis fighters flee to turkey they sell their slaves because they need money to go back to their home countries. you may not know but when the u.s. led coalition and their allies in syria reportedly led hundreds of isis fighters neve then besieged graca whose jihad took not only the guns and families but also their hostages and slaves the same people that are now being boarded back.
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the prices vary depending on where there are if they're in dangerous place it can be eighty thousand dollars otherwise around fifteen thousand. others also tracking down missing people one iraqi m.p. has made a name for herself rescuing children. she spend her own money buying out several of these kids and the other half you know one of the girls told me the story of her escape she and her aunts were in isis captivity two of the terrorists watched them day and night to prevent them from running away then the girl told one of them that she couldn't sleep and asked to see a doctor the isis fighters gave her some sleeping pills she kept them and put them in the sea. terrorists fell asleep and she and her on managed to escape the girl
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was eight years old and was too terrified to do anything so the girl told her let's try and run away they will kill us anyway and they skate three thousand years e.d.'s is still missing hundreds presumed held by isis the international community no longer really cares if these don't attract the same ratings now that they aren't being slaughtered so it's up to them to recover their own children and to help them heal from what isis has done to them or i guess the odd see from the hawk iraq. is small passenger plane has crashed in a mountainous area of costa rica killing all twelve people on board the aircraft was carrying ten american tourists and two local pilots these pictures showing the burning wreckage were released by the costa rican public safety ministry the nature air charter flight took off from point to its lita on its sunday and was heading
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for san jose the cause of the crash is being investigated and the u.s. state department is working with local authorities to identify the victims. australia's new chancellor says that use migrant relocation quotas are not helping solve the refugee crisis especially kurds believe the problem should be handed handled in the migrants home countries migrants who settle for europe don't want to go to bulgaria are hungry they want to go to germany austria with sweden they should be held in safe areas in their own continent the e.u. should support that perhaps even organize it and back it militarily. there have been similar calls in the past from other european leaders last month french president. pro military action to help and people trafficking in libya but. from the damascus center of strategic studies believes such an approach is deeply
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flawed to send troops or european armies to birth to get these. virtual zones i think it's not practical in first of all these arms will be involved in the internal affairs of these countries and their reaction from the law people will be may be negatively they will lose a lot of. soldiers first so i think to be engaged in internal a verse of any county it would be reflected on their internal affairs and i think they should read very good the story of syria during seven years they should read the story of libya this story and this story in africa and. this is a good approach these pictures show how desperate some migrants are they are trying
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to cross the alps from italy to reach france and they are battling freezing temperatures in often inadequate clothing trying to seek a better life in europe european leaders are now increasingly looking towards the migrants home countries but. went on to tell us that he believes they are using the crisis to exert their influence on the region. you have been you know they are feeling that they are. outside of the political settlement now example and here they are outside in libya they started to go shit against libya then they became not a. real player in internal affairs of libya in yemen they say maybe in africa we cannot see that. all is very important so because of that they are trying to. to review their role in the middle east. gaza and the west bank have seen four
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weeks of deadly unrest since the u.s. recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel in the latest development the palestinian ambassador is being recalled from washington regular clashes have left more than a dozen palestinians dead and many more injured. i. feel such a. feeling .
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this is the floor it's friday of rage actually palestinians all over gaza strip east jerusalem and the west bank are demonstrating and protesting against donald trump's declaration that is right the army is throwing tear gas canisters on the protesters as since the morning since that announcement was made. well you can smell the tear gas from here so those terms made that announcement
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fourteen palestinians have been killed and those figures according to the palestinian health ministry they also report that more than three thousand people have been injured it's escalating it's uprising but that is right the army has been at throwing tear gas canisters all the. dusters are running away from the but for some fancy things right he's not been shooting live i mean ac and i probably it's because one hundred very very very close to where he was standing so. the situation here like it has been for the last month. and quite tense and we can safely smell tear gas every way i can does that mean nation there were at least five ambulances that. floor our three injuries so with us before the latest new year's celebrations from around the world right after a short break you're watching our chief national.
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hey everybody i'm stephen ball. hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. news this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different. you know with those up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm shooting the brood have fun every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sixty's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of r t america is going to say we are apparently
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better than food let's see some people you've never heard of love redacted tonight not the president of the world bank though kate because we're. seriously he sent us an e-mail. welcome back and if you hear those bells it means it's the new year and so we want to wish you happy one the russians eleven time zones have already seen in the new year of course earlier the fireworks went off or st basil's cathedral and the kremlin involvement was following all the action on red square for us. i'm here in the heart of moscow. right outside of red square and thousands of people have
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gathered here tonight to ring in the new year and see the fireworks display. and it was amazing and of course not just here in the center of the city where people are gathering and celebrating those points all around that are having their fireworks displays and everything because here and russia new year's is the biggest celebration of the year families get together and have a huge feast exchanged presents and see in the new year together i got to tell you this is the first time i've seen new year's and in the center of moscow and i have no regrets happy new year's everyone well from rio to hong kong major cities across the world have started two thousand and eighteen in style with breathtaking fireworks shows here are some of the highlights from around the globe. i am i was.
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cool you. know who. i. feel two thousand and seventeen saw plenty of new faces enter the political arena and they had plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with the old guard but things did not always go so smoothly take a look. at it.
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it was a complete i. let. this . whole china and this was. feeling.
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it's a little you know. when meanwhile for kids here in moscow there are better things to do than follow global politics although the director did ask some youngsters what they think of world leaders by dubai delighted by donating. but you're going to say. look at me look at me. i'm going to also be. your clock you know ready we haven't got any questions. you're not right yet i'm going to show you a picture of k. you were doing. ok i'm showing a picture. of do you know who she is she looks like trump what do you think she does for
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a living off the next one. who is. one who. is going to be some kind of a former. acting or comedian. i think you experience. my days of community. in the you need jobs of that is a. credit yeah. who do you think it is. what do you think she does for a living. friggin b. and listening to music no one had so. what kind of music do you think she's listening to. jazz spalling. and show. me. and leaving good morning. well my name.
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you miss me when i'm. in an inner ear and i don't handle. if he's. dinosaurs what you think they're doing here. i don't know if the ducks. i don't think i have to. special. going to be important enough to me. that's right is this really good years. i can't do it for the hunted down. never. really where. figuring out what politicians are saying is not always an easy task especially with the sound off so we ask people on the streets to try and guess.
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what. i'm still top of mind i wrestle batsman you rescue me he lets me read through the years the big joke oh you're very nice. they're talking about the we're going to talk about the takeover of the world if you've got a cold yes i said i do have a cold and could even hear of this if the toll booth. you should. be trans pardew's twice. at night time most of the morning you know but you know i was just a little bit romney's going. to be able to do. it because she wouldn't listen to me and i have had the same problem she does not just try and say something between you two important. so tell the future you're together with you in the middle. of. the job well done thing between the morning. show
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yeah i went and i went i went oh my lines couple of times i get good usually you know what to say don't get nervous ok i know you have stage fright ok. but i just just know ok i know i know you. i don't think i would say one is country i love. over two thousand and seventeen it was a year of conflict and a tragedy our video agency ruptly picked out some of the darker and also lighter moments take a look. at least. how i. live.
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all that does it for me but for myself our team in the newsroom and everyone back here in the control room who are doing all the hard work the gallery we call them from all of us at our t.v. . happy two thousand and eighteen. per. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the
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us a full on austin the only show i go out of my way to you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of harvey americans do the same we are apparently better than blue. i see anybody who never heard of love redacted the night president of the world bank. understood me seriously send us an e-mail. los angeles the sony of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man's bone his own response to the problem and construct dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order
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to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. me house on a city parking space is not a solution you're. someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all the news there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered peter lavelle it would seem the more the anti trumper is pushed to have the president removed from office
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the more we learn about the media in such places as the air. b.-i how they really work to date the investigation known as russia gate has revealed preciously little though we're learning there was collusion elsewhere. across talking real collusion i'm joined by my guest richard goodstein in washington he is a democratic political strategist and a former adviser to hillary clinton's two presidential campaigns in miami we have john karr dillo he is host of off the cuff on rebel media and in phoenix we cross to josh bernstein he is a t.v. talk show host all right gentlemen cross talk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate josh i'm going to go to you first because one of my one of the crosstalk rules is always go to the person that got up early is for this program and that is you want to talk about some of the things that's coming out of the the f.b.i. in the in the special investigation into. alleged drug.


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